Gear Master's Services

It has been noticed that the OEM generally takes 11 months to deliver a gear box. When ever there is a break down the users contacts Gear Master.

On receipt of your enquiry for rebuilding / Changing of the ratio of the Gear box the line of action shall be as under:-

Technician 1.) Shall depute our technician to inspect the gear box at your site.Determines the condition of the gearbox, bearing settings, gear clearance and gearing size etc. & quote mailed or faxed in hours.

If it is possible to rebuild the gear box at your site shall do Or it is called to our works. !

Receive 2.) To receive the gearbox sent to us duly freight paid.

Dismantle 3.) To dismantle the gearbox every care shall be taken to dismantle the gearbox however if there is any damage shall inform you and shall be in your account.
4.) Cleaning & Inspection of each and every component shall be done.
5.) The quote already submitted to you is on the basis as assumed the rest of the components, housing and bearings are in o.k. Condition and need no replacement.
6.) However if we feel some components / bearings need to be replaced to get a good life of the gearbox, shall take your prior confirmation, and on your confirmation only we shall replace the said component.

Manufacture 7.) Manufacture the component. .....................................................!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Assemble 8.) Assemble the gear box with new manufactured component.
9.) Missing nut & bolts, oils seals shall be in our scope of supply.
10.) Lubrication system of the gear box if provided is checked and repaired.
11.) No load trial run at our site.

Sent back 12.) The gear box shall be sent back to you.
13.) Shall return the damaged replaced components.

If in some cases the client does not have the technical data of the gearbox to be overhauled. We therefore use reverse engineering to "copy" the existing parts to be replaced. This means that these new parts at least comply with the specifications of the original parts.

If the customer is not willing to send the gear box to us , We can also send an engineer to the customer's site to draw or copy the parts..!